The QuickBooks Blog for June 26, 2015 notes the following additions and changes:

  • Registers – makes it easier to read.  This is a QuickBooks Labs experiment.  Gear Icon>QuickBooks Labs>New Registers.
  • The ability to upload your own Invoice template in a .docx file.   I really like this.  For far too long, we have been under the tyranny of ugly templates.  This is a work in progress available through the QuickBooks labs.  From the Gear Icon>QuickBooks Labs>Import Style.  To use it Gear>Custom Form Styles> down arrow to the right>Import Style.  Use the sample file and amend it to your own.
  • Copy Journal Entries – All accountants everywhere rejoice so it’s easier to make reversing entries!
  • Add transaction numbers to emails of your sales receipts, credit memos and estimates.

As always you can test it out in the sample company file.