4 Ways to Job Cost Using TSheets

TSheets is a cloud based time tracking software as a service platform that integrates with the leading accounting software QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.  It further integrates with Gusto (Zen) Payroll, Paychex, ADP, Zendesk and Denali Payroll.  It can integrate with any payroll solution that can accept a flat file.

Why Job Costs?

Why Job Cost you ask?  Job costing is essential for a business owner to understand their profit margin for each job they perform whether they are a service, manufacturing or contractor firm.  Without burdening the direct payroll to jobs, there is no true way to have a complete 360◦ view of your business.  When preparing job costing reports at the end of each job, the business owner(s) can understand what profit they made.  An owner is given the power to assess whether or not their estimating practices are working or not. Your employees simply use the free IOS, Android app among others to log their time by job using their mobile device.  There are 6 other options you can use to track time.  You can see where each employee is located using the GPS feature.  Further, you can accurately track time off which is essential in California with the implementation of required paid sick time beginning in July 2015.

4 Ways to Job Costs in QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Because of the tight integration with QuickBooks, TSheets imports the customer/job list.  This enables employees to track their time by job using their mobile device.  The time charges sync to QuickBooks Desktop Payroll which will burden the payroll to the jobs.  I can also bill out my labor to my jobs.  Awesome!  I’m not spending hours on manually calculating this!
  2. Time reports integrate to ADP or Paychex, among other services.  If you use ADP or Paychex, sync your time data to run your payroll but use the QuickBooks Desktop feature “after the fact payroll without subscription” to easily burden your payroll within QuickBooks Desktop.   Sweet!
  3. For QuickBooks Online, job costing would need to be done via journal entry.  TSheets makes this easy as well since it reports the break out the time by job for you by pay period.  A simple spreadsheet calculation and a recurring template to help you out and wow it’s done.
  4. TSheets also has real time payroll and time reports.  Run a payroll report and use your payroll data for a quick calculation and there it is.  Job Costing!

TSheets also assists you with managing your team members.  Think they are taking too much time on a project, perhaps they need education.  Is overtime being charged, why?  How can you avoid it?  How can I utilize my employees to their full potential and put the correct employee’s skills to the correct job where they are required?  TSheets helps you to use your employees in the best possible way by understanding what projects they are working on, how long it takes to complete and where they are each day. TSheets support is the best in the app business.  They are also rated as the Number 1 app on Apps.com.  Check them out, you will be happy you did! If you require assistance setting TSheets, Job Costing, Payroll, or “After the Fact Payroll without Subscription” up, I’m here for you at (310) 547-4774 or complete the web form request here. Click the link below to sign up Now! www.tsheets.com/#a:chapmanbusinessservices You can save 10% off your first year with this coupon code: chapmanbusinessservices