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Chapman Business Services

Chapman Business Services

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  • prepaid annually or $369 paid monthly
  • QBO plus
  • email support
  • 45 transactions per month
  • 2 accounts reconcile and close
  • monthly account data review
  • Quarterly financial reports
  • Information for Tax CPA


  • prepaid annually or $475 paid monthly
  • QBO plus
  • email support
  • phone support
  • 75 transactions per month
  • 3 accounts reconcile and close
  • Account data review twice a month
  • Monthly financial reports
  • Quarterly management reports
  • Information for Tax CPA
  • Year End W9 Forms
  • 1 to 5 Year End 1099 Forms


  • prepaid annually or $689 paid monthly
  • QBO plus
  • email support
  • phone support
  • 150 transactions per month
  • Reconcile and close 4 accounts
  • Weekly account data review
  • Monthly financial reports
  • Monthly management reports
  • Information for Tax CPA
  • Year end W9 forms
  • Year end 1099 forms
  • 1 hour controller call

These prices are representative prices. We will tailor our proposal to meet your individual needs.

Workflow to Success

Additional Add-On Services

We have twenty years experience in taking a untuned QuickBooks file and turning it into a clean thing of beauty. No more fuss. No more negative balance sheets.
If the number of your transactions exceed the above maximums, we can provide for those transactions without requiring that you make the full leap to the next level.
If you want to track your profitability by each job or client you have, we can set up a system to track the expenses incurred on a job against the revenue produced by that job. This can be important in companies as varied as contracting firms to legal firms.
Is your name on the door of an office building? Do you file a business return with the State of California. If so, you may be required to file a business license and/or tax with the City your business is in each year. We save you on penalties by filing timely. Further, we are able to segregate your revenue into locations with QuickBooks Online so that you file the correct amount due for each municipality you do business in.
With our secure, accountable, seamless, paperless AP workflow we streamline approval of payments and cash flow management. We assist you manage your vendors required W9s and allow epay for your important suppliers and contractors. Our application of choice is Bill.Com.
Accounting is often derided for only looking in the rear view mirror. We can help you pay attention to the road as you drive to success. Let us establish cash forecasting and/or budgeting based on the actual historical data in your bookkeeping. Moreover, QuickBooks Online does not limit you to one budget at a time.
If you need QuickBooks Desktop, (or simply prefer it,) yet you want the added benefits and convenience of a cloud accounting solution, we can help you with a hosted solution.

If you business is growing, but you can’t afford a full-time Controller/CFO, we provide outsourced Controller/CFO services including: Monthly financial reports with key performance indicators

    • Financial Dashboard
    • Financial Review with Owners and Board of Directors
    • Strategies to Maximize Your Cash Flow
    • Budgeting
    • Strategy forecasting
    • Business Planning
Did you know your LLC is required to file a LLC-12 with the Secretary of State each year? Your corporation a SI-100? We take that filing off your plate, saving you time and needless penalties for missing this important deadline.
Are you tired of papers accumulating on your desk until you have time to file them, for which you never seem to find the time? Would you like to have a program that can retrieve your bank statements, your gas bill, your credit card bill, and your cable bill while you sleep? Talk to us. We have a solution for you.
Do you only get money from your client once you have billed them? Do you tend to put doing that billing off until tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes? Let us take that worry off your hands and increase your cash flow at the same time. We can generate your billing based on the information you supply to us, and we can send your bills out with an automated method for your clients to pay that bill online once they receive it.
This service is included in our Platinum plan and in our Controller/CFO package. However, if you only want this service as a dashboard, we can make it work for you.

We specialize in:

    • Network installations of QuickBooks Pro/Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise.
    • Set Up QuickBooks Online
    • Set up Xero
    • Set Up Zoho Books
    • New Company File Set Up – If you do not currently have a company file set up we will set up your QuickBooks or other software company file with a customized chart of accounts and monthly bookkeeping workflow so your QuickBooks works for you and not against you.
    • Installation of third party applications.
    • Get set up right the first time and save money on clean up later.
We provide payroll services for small to medium business. Our payroll service specializes in Job Costing, Fund Allocation for Non-Profits, Church and Household Worker payroll. We recommend and use Gusto Payroll Services because of the seamless set-up and interface. It takes the hassle out of tax filings and payments. It integrates with TSheets, ADP, Paychex, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Sage and Xero. We further assist our valuable customers with HR and employee compliance issues.
Are you a law corporation or LLP? We assist you file your State Bar required filing each year. We save you time and money by handling this for you.
Unfortunately, many companies lack the basic computer security tools to protect their computer systems from the bad guys on the internet OR to protect their data from an unplanned data loss from a catastrophic computer malfunction. We can provide you with a basic network security analysis and install and maintain an effective Antivirus and Cloud Based Backup solution.
Do you bill clients by the time you work on their job, but are always cheating yourself because when it comes time to bill your clients, you can’t justify the time you actually spent with satisfactory recordkeeping? Do your employees need a way to track their time on their mobile device without requiring you to do extra work? By using TSheets, you can get all of these benefits (and more) for a reasonable monthly charge.
Alice was lost and came to a crossroads. She asked the White Rabbit which road she should take. “Where do you want to go?” he asked. “I don’t know,” Alice replied. “Then it doesn’t matter which road you take; either one is just as likely to get you there as the other.” If you haven’t planned where you want your company to go, then it is very unlikely your company will be as successful as it should be. Moreover, if you want financing for your business, lenders or investors will require that you give them a business plan. We can help you with : a) the process to discover what you want in your plan, b) establishing your vision, mission, and/or values statement, and c) write the plan in an engaging and professional manner. We will even make sure your plan gets a superior grade from our staff English Teacher. We also use LivePlan to help with this process and to keep your plan up to date as your business grows.